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Services we Offer 



Turning ideas into functional products 



Supporting and uniting with ongoing aspiring ventures.


Enhancing existing products to optimal software standards - Present product Improvision

About Our Business

We aim to transform and enhance moments into the Alpha Digital World. We create and develop momentous software products to suit the new 'Digital Universe'.

Products Designed For You

Our product "Truc-king" aims to automate and digitalize the road transportation in KSA seamlessly, making our user experience one of a kind and set benchmark in the logistics industries.

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What We Do

We turn ambitious real-time market needs to an operational software application. 


How We Help

We develop and supplement our expertise in creating competitive and one of a kind experience for our consumers to fill in their voids.


Proven Success

Our products have set benchmark to quality in the respective industries. Our product ideas have been recognized to be aligned with the 'Saudi Vision 2030'

Our Creative Founders.

At Lahdatech, Innovation and perfectionism is the key component in our operating structure. That's what makes us' ..

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Sahil AJ

Prior to starting Lahdatech, to design products that are need for the digital world of tomorrow, Sahil was the COO to an industry leading Ground-Transport provider in the GCC. He is currently responsible for driving the company's product vision.

Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer
Ibrahim Siddiqui

Always being an active enthusiast to test the greater heights of technology, Before starting Lahdatech, Ibrahim has worked on the most innovative projects in KSA. He is currently responsible for driving the company's product technology strategy.

The Next Big Thing

We design and develop innovative solutions to real-time and anticipated world demand, 'Technology for the Moment.'

Our Story

We are a simple team coming from humble backgrounds, finding love in the quest of innovative ideas to make our surroundings smarter. We realize the world is going digital and we want it to be accessible for everyone, play our part in history.

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